Our History


(formerly Carleton Club)

The club was organized and chartered with 27 members in 1988 under the name of the Carleton Club. The sponsoring club was the Kiwanis club of Manotick . In April 1988 the 1st meeting was held at the Barrhaven Restaurant – the club then moved to Brickets where the organizational meeting was held and the 1st Board of Directors elected.

Carleton’s first and most exciting project was the Charter Night Dinner and Dance on September 9th, 1988 Nancy Greig was its Charter President.

1988-1990 under the leadership of Al Pascal the club was incorporated in 1989 and the  Bell High School Key club was formed. The first Lobster Dinner and Dance also took place thanks to Bob Williamson, and it is still going strong.

In 1990-1991 Rudy Mertl was its President and in 1991-1992 saw Fran Wentzel as President. Some of the main projects during these years included, and this is just to name a few:

  • Nelson House – shelter for abused women
  • KMed – shipping some 20,000 books to Jamaica along with medical equipment under the leadership of Norm Minty.
  • Sleeping Children Around the World
  • Youville Centre 

In 1992-1993 under President Bob Williamson – Ron Heinbuch remarked “we are beginning to feel like a family” and this is still true today. 

1993-1994 Susan Brown was President assisted by secretary Kathy Greiner. Again several projects were initiated or continued:

  • Bowl-a-thon for the Children’s Hospital
  • Music and Dance Festival
  • Easter Parade for Crippled Children

In 1994-95 under the leadership of Elke McCumber two more outstanding projects were started: The Major Emphasis Program – Young Children Priority One which directly involved children. Elke, as well as Rick Mount were eager to increase membership and the “Think Tank” evolved. All clubs in Division 13 were involved and this proved to be very successful. It must be noted that there was an increase inter-clubs in Elke’s year as President and again when she was Lt. Gov. She had a way of asking that members were glad to accompany her. Connie Stinson was Secretary and she can attest that it was a busy year.

In 1995-1996 Susan St. Amand was President for a short time and Rick Mount took the reign for the remainder of the year and stayed on until the end of 1997. Rick ensured that law and order reigned, and still kept membership as his main focus. Like most years it was a busy and productive year. It was the year Penny Mount developed a recruiting manual and there was a significant rise in membership, both within the club and the Division. 

In 1997-1998 Kathy Greiner became President and with her team continued the good works of the club. 

In 1998-1999 Paul McCumber was President and you can be assured that projects were well in hand. However, K.I. was moving into the high tech age and Paul helped in facilitating the reporting changes that were now required. 

1999-2000 Nicole James became President and again the club continued to support the projects that were in place but also new projects that were cropping up and the needs of the community were the club’s priority. 

  • Staples Bus program
  • Aktion club
  • Gowling and Severn Public school 

In 2000-2001 Glenda Hughes became President and with her organizational skills the club continued to progress

Penny Mount was President in 2001-2002 and it was at that time that we changed our name to Ottawa West. And new boundaries were set for the club. Membership was going strong. One of the many projects was a fashion show and the proceeds were given to Youville Centre.  

It must be noted that Mary Morgan stayed on as Secretary for many years under three Presidents.

The following were Presidents from 2003-2006 and continued to lead the club to its many projects: Gerry Robideau, Kevin Kavanagh, Paul Francis and Paul Marland. 

In 2006 to 2007 Anita MacLean was President and she focused on literacy and through Carlington initiated the Headstart program at Gowling and Severn Public School. 

From 2007-2009 Germaine Barr who is a stickler for ensuring that by-laws were followed ensured that the club stayed within its boundaries, particularly with the admin. and service accounts. A strategic planning committee was started and all other projects kept on rolling. Two new members joined the club that year. Change, was needed and the club now meets bi-monthly and they have done away with the more traditional approach to meetings.

2009-2011 David Schiller was President and continued the projects of the club. Being a fairly new member he worked at acquainting himself with the working of Kiwanis International at the club and division level.

2011-2012 Marie Francis became President, and we must say“tongue in cheek” kicking and screaming.

2012-2014 President Kathy Jones ran a smooth ship and Committees were kept hard at work. Several new programs and existing projects continued under her leadership. 

2014-2017 President Faye Beaufort, much loved by the club members, agreed to extend her initial term. Very active in all of the club's projects as well as International and District Conventions and Caucus Meetings, she has the enthusiastic support for all of the club's initiatives. 

Over the years there were many first’s for this club:

  • First breakfast club
  • First mixed gender club
  • First woman Charter President
  • First woman Lt. Gov. in Div. 13 in 1996-1997
  • First woman Distinguished Governor in our District 
  • First woman Distinguished District Secretary Treasurer with Honours in EC&C history

This gives you the club’s short history through its Presidents, however the members of this club were always eager to be on the many committees that were required during these years. 

To date every member of the Kiwanis club of Ottawa West, past or present, may be proud of their contribution to the lives of people of the community and throughout the world. The club should be proud of the precedents set over the last 29 years.

In 29 years the “small club that could” or as another Kiwanian said “the little club that can” has provided a Distinguished District Governor, four Distinguished Lieutenant Governors and a Distinguished District Secretary with Honours.